Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project One Update PLA Print

Now that we've gotten the measurements down, I'm probably going to print a final copy in resin. Only have to edit the cuts where the arms and frames meet. With the final copy I want to add color to give it more pineapple characteristics.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Week Six

This week we are still working on our first project. I've edited mine and now printed a coy in PLA to test and will print the final soon in resin. Adjusting measurements and making sure it will fit my face well. We've added a curve and some cushions for the nose. Also adjusted the pineapple top to be bigger and extended the arms and added a slight curve.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Week Five

Tuesday Feb 5th

  • Have STL file uploaded to folder to send off to printer.
  • Start brainstorming ideas for Project 2: Chimera
  • Meshmixer tutorials
  • Think about something you want to 3D scan
Thursday Feb 7th
  • Meshmixer tutorials
  • Shaders allow to change the color of your mesh, this can affect how it looks inside and out when working in meshmixer
  • There are shortcuts for meshmixer just like any other program
  • When in sculpt mode you can switch to surface which focuses more 2D and applys a surface displacement to the vertices in that region. The volume brush uses more 3D space and actually adds space to it rather than just a stamp like the surface brush.
  • Red in boolean union is not good thing, means cannot compute together
  • Hollow tool:
    •  use at least 3mm on offset distance to have stable model
    • have holes to prevent resin/material from building up.

  • Over weekend:
  • work on meshing designs in meshmixer to start gaining ideas and practice towards the chimera project
  • 3D scan something, I plan to 3D scan my polaroid or holga and then incorporate with items in meshmixer, possibly with help of thingiverse as well. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Project One Update

After two discussion's with the class, I think I've finally gotten close to reaching the final design to my wearable shades. Glad to have gained open eyes to my work and really establish it to what it is. Also really enjoy the growth of the design.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Week Four

Traveled to the SEA3D Lab on Tuesday for class and was a nice little spot in the middle of historic downtown. We discussed almost everyone's model that was there and Thomas even got 3D scanned! The lab has open availability that we can attend too. They have multiple printers of different materials and even a metal printer. A really nice work space to get making.
I enjoyed the discussion we had in the lab and in classroom on Thursday about my revisions to my project and plan to construct more from what we discussed and have a revised copy by next week. I plan to thicken the pineapple leaves and change the frame shape more.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Project One: Wearable

I've been working on a pair of pineapple shades. I'm pushing the normal style and making my own unique design of personal shades. I hope to connect the pieces to make them function like regular glasses. We'll see though. My biggest problem is having the shades I have possibility one pair or I could go purchase a cheap pair, but I've just been focused on the design. I may just print a copy without having it capable to fold in and see what it's like then make edits. Also because of time constraints and they can still function, I could find something to use as the shades. Maybe another material to push the difference of a regular pair of glasses.



Notes: Think about shape of frames. Bring top leaves of pineapple more together and thicker as more of a unison piece. Think of unison, make it balanced so its equal piece, don't be afraid to push the normal, make inner frame like outer frame.

Week Three Readings

Designers are very important to the world. Of course the art world but also can be problem solving and useful in fixing daily problems. Found it interesting that she talked about this altar world that required us to eat food we don't eat at all.  it was brought up in 2009. Don't see that happening soon. but is a broad possibility. Visualizing is what design is about. It has activism and lots of emotions, possibilities. Humanity is always what matters, having strong "thinkering".  We are always searching for new ways to make things and makes me think of the importance of mixing mediums. But designers are always searching. Paola mentions at the end that were just searching for sensitivity. I think this is true people search for ways to unite but there is a lot of hate in the world. Makes me think of how communities are important.
Semiotics is study of signs. Words, visuals, actions are all connected to signs. Signifiers are the people trying to communicate with the signified. Tom explains this in the video about someone you may hate it was funny, then he speaks on the history and gives a great explanation further on signs. The symbol has nothing to do with the signifier and signified but the worlds brings them together. We've decided this overtime as a society on basic things like emergency lights and sounds. Traffic lights and other basic symbols represent. This all relates to semiotics, was a decent small simple explanation. Enjoyed both videos.